Real Estate Market in Drage: Properties in Focus


The real estate market in Drage, Croatia, is known for its unique blend of traditional homes and modern designs providing a medley of options for potential homeowners. Among the numerous choices, the mobile houses stand out, surrounded by natural beauty, and implies a unique living experience.


One such property that stands out within this market is the Mobile House Vitolina Superior. It is a 378 m² two-bedroom masterpiece that offers a luxurious, mobile living experience. Its design, layout, and features are intricately put together to offer a home that meets and surpasses the standards of modern living, all while being situated in the heart of Drage's picturesque landscapes.

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The house provides each room with ample space and is built with state-of-the-art materials that offer the best comfort. Fitted with PVC windows and doors that contribute to energy efficiency and noise reduction, this mobile home brings functionality and aesthetics to the table. Its exterior design, which incorporates modern elements with a rustic finish, blends well with its surroundings.

The house features a PVC balcony sliding door that opens to the property's compelling beauty. The house is insulated with Vitocel isolation plates and has a flat roof with a metal structure, providing complete protection from the elements. Furthermore, the house is equipped with invertor air conditioning and LED lights, demonstrating modernity and energy efficiency.

Not to forget the interiors - the spacious living room that integrates seamlessly with a custom-built kitchen, complete with a table, chairs, and state-of-the-art kitchen appliances. The bedrooms are moderate and come with built-in wardrobes and TV connections. The house also comes with a well-fitted bathroom with all necessary installations.

What's more? A sprawling 18 m² terrace that provides an outside living experience. Enclosed with high-quality sustainable composite decking, it offers a great view of the surrounding natural beauty.

Buying a Vitolina Superior is an excellent long-term investment opportunity. With Croatia's real estate market continually on the rise and the demand for modern mobile homes in holiday hotspots growing, investing now promises potential high returns in the future.

When it comes to payments, the house comes at the net price excluding tax of 62,180.00 EUR, including a fully equipped mobile home with a terrace, transportation, crane operations, and installation at the location. The payment term is flexible, with 70% payable at contract signing and the rest two days before delivery. With a 10-year guarantee from the installation date, buyers can rest assured about their investment.

In conclusion, the real estate market in Drage offers a thriving arena for home buyers and investors. With distinctive housing options like the Mobile House Vitolina Superior, living or investing in Drage becomes an easy decision to make. Its unique blend of modern and traditional design, coupled with a thriving location and beneficial pricing, makes it a perfect opportunity to seize in the emerging Croatian real estate market.

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