Overview of Real Estate Market in Drage, Croatia - Uncovering the Potential of Mobile Homes


The real estate market in Drage, Croatia, presents a diverse array of investment opportunities for both local and international investors. However, the growing popularity and potential of mobile homes cannot be overlooked. Among these, one that stands out due to its quality and elegance is the Vitolina Superior Mobile House.

This mobile home comes with an overall floor space of 378m² and 9m in length, 4.2m in width, and a ceiling height of 2.3m. It offers 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and can accommodate up to two people, making it ideal for couples or individuals seeking luxurious living spaces. Other features include PVC windows and doors, sound and heat insulation, a flat roof with attic, and a sturdy metal construction.

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Additionally, the Vitolina Superior Mobile House boasts of a kitchen fully equipped with modern appliances, including a built-in refrigerator and dishwasher, embedded LED lights, and high-quality vinyl flooring. It even comes with a Wi-Fi ready inverter air conditioning system and a smart LED TV for complete entertainment.

This luxurious mobile home is priced at €62,180 (net price without VAT) and €75,859.6 (price including 22% VAT). The price includes the fully-equipped mobile home with a terrace, transportation, crane works and on-site assembly at the Kamp HERON ISLAND - Drage (Pakoštane) in Croatia.

The Vitolina Superior Mobile House breaks away from the conventional perceptions of mobile homes and offers a living space that combines comfort, design, and ergonomics. It is, therefore, an excellent investment opportunity for those looking to join the thriving real estate market in Drage, Croatia.

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