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In the heart of Istria, embraced by the tranquil hills and welcoming coasts, lies a serene town called Drage. A centre of local culture and the epitome of Mediterranean comfort, Drage attracts a myriad of visitors with its breathtaking views and untouched beaches. The real attraction, however, lies within its promising real estate opportunities, specifically the luxury mobile homes available for purchase.

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One such property, that stands amidst the azure skyline, is the Mobile House Vitolina Superior, a sophisticated home designed for modern living. This stunning abode, perfectly visualized with an area of 378 m², and an additional terrace area of 18 m², exhibits a contemporary design with a personal touch.

What makes Vitolina Superior Unique?

Crafted to perfection, the house boasts two spacious bedrooms, a bathroom, a modern kitchen seamlessly integrated with the living area, and a covered terrace. Additionally, it is riddled with PVC windows and doors, a reliable sound and heat insulation system, and an inverter air conditioning unit that provides a comfortable atmosphere throughout the year.

The Vitolina Superior is built with a firm metal structure and covered walls that further enhance its durability. The interiors are further adorned with a vinyl floor covering that adds to its exquisite aesthetics. The interior walls and ceilings, treated with paint, elevate the overall charm of the house.

The Promise of Comfort and Luxury

The Vitolina Superior guarantees a life of comfort with a well-appointed living room that features a smart LED TV of 102 cm, a multifunctional two-seater, made-to-measure kitchen elements, a dishwasher, and an under-counter refrigerator with a freezer. The bedrooms come equipped with made-to-order wardrobes, quality mattresses, and TV connectivity, blending luxury living with superior comfort.

Value for Money

For a nett price of EUR 62,180, buyers get a fully furnished mobile house, inclusive of terrace, transportation, crane work, and on-site assembly in Drage, Croatia. With an easy payment plan of 70% upfront during contract signing and the remaining 30% two days prior to handing over the house, it's amongst the best real estate investment opportunities in Istria. Furthermore, the investment comes with a warranty of 10 years from the date of assembly.

Akin to waking up in paradise, owning a Mobile House Vitolina Superior in the enchanting town of Drage is a dream comes true for many. Taking in the serene views of the Istria coastline from the comfort of a Vitolina Superior is a luxury well worth the investment.

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